Redeemer Church is grateful for the financial support of those who call this community “home.” We invite you to pray and ask God to direct you in your giving. While we never receive the commitment card as a formal pledge, nor do we track an individual’s giving based on the amount indicated on the card, we do utilize the total amount committed by the Redeemer community to guide our budget process.

Our 2019 Giving Commitment Cards are available after each service at the Welcome Center. Additionally, you can download and print the card here or submit your information online below.

We ask that you return your card Sunday, November 25, during our morning worship. If you are unable to join us on that day, you can always return the card to our main office, mail it to us via the address on our web site, or simply complete the online form below.

We thank you and may God bless Redeemer and you in 2019!


How do you decide what to pledge? Here’s a helpful formula:

$___(estimated annual income)  x  .____(percentage you feel led of the Lord to plan to give)  =  $___(your annual giving commitment for 2019)

Divide annual giving by frequency (52 or 26 or 12) then write that figure on your 2019 Giving Commitment Card and check planned frequency. Or you can enter those amounts in the online submission form below.