We seek to Devote our whole heart to God. We do this in prayer, in scripture reading, and in giving. Very often, when we give money, part of our heart goes with it.

While our ministry at Redeemer runs on faithful giving, the goal is not for you to give money to church, per se. The goal of Christian discipleship is to always give your heart to God—however and wherever you give. Whether you give money or you give your time, concern, or energy, use this pledge to give your heart to God.

We hope in this coming year, you can Devote your heart to God.

If you desire to support Redeemer financially or in other ways as a means of devoting your heart to Him, please follow the options below. Financial pledges are kept confidential and the grand total of pledges helps our finance team plan for the coming year.

Options to submit 2024 Giving Pledge by Sunday, December 3, 2023:

PAPER | Download and print a paper pledge card here.  Drop your completed card in the offering plate at a worship service or one of our Giving Boxes in the sanctuary. You can also mail to ATTN: Vicki Adams, Redeemer Church, 3750 Zoar Church Road, Snellville, GA, 30039.

ONLINE | Complete the online pledge form below and it will be submitted confidentially to our Finance Administrator, Vicki Adams.


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  • In 2024, I want to devote my heart to God by giving:

  • The financial support we provide our mission partners does not come from our general budget but through a unique giving opportunity known as FAITH PROMISE—an amount of money you believe the Lord will provide to missions through your hands. You pray. He answers. If you feel so led, we'd love to know what you might be anticipating as your 2024 Faith Promise pledge.
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